Play Golf Alberta: A Brief History


Play Golf Alberta Ltd is created by partnering with GolfSwitch of Phoenix, Arizona, which creates the first platform for online booking tee times in Alberta.


Play Golf Alberta becomes the premier one stop website for online tee times in Alberta by partnering with 50 golf courses in Alberta.


The Players Card is created, allowing members to purchase a $99.00 yearly membership in order to access 20% off discounts.


Play Golf Alberta wants to be able to offer more to its members, therefore they obtain  tee time inventory from its partnered golf courses, allowing Play Golf Alberta to offer up to 50% off in the form of 12 round golf packages. This important step in growing Play Golf Alberta as a company allowed the bookings to grow exponentially over the past years. 


What an exciting year for Play Golf Alberta! A new website is launched, creating a platform for golfers to book tee times online, in real time, and interfaced directly to the specific golf course tee sheets! 1, 2, 3 and 4 players can be booked online all with the same benefits created in 2015 except with no membership or booking fees. Such a beneficial year for Play Golf Alberta and for its members and golfers!


The pandemic begins, and the golf industry takes on major changes. Golf is one of the only sports that many provinces across the country allow Canadians to play as it allows golfers to “social distance” and be outside. This makes the demand for golf to reach an all time high. With increasing costs worldwide, Play Golf Alberta has maintained its goal to make golf affordable  online while also increasing the selection of partnering courses. Although the pandemic years are tough, we proudly stay true to our vision and purpose.


A new page has turned for Play Golf Alberta dawning a new partnership with GolfConnect. This partnership brings our customers a new and improved online tee time booking engine. The new online system provides a more intuitive experience for users with enhanced functionality and continues to grow! 


As Play Golf Alberta continues to grow our online systems, with focus on text alerts and increased functionality we also are focusing on adding more partners and growing our Play Golf Alberta team. 

Play Golf Alberta’s vision and purpose became clear at the start of this year: expand our reach, continue to  make golf more affordable and grow the game through junior golf. 

We are proud to be an ambassador for the newly formed “FIRST TEE ALBERTA” and help to raise funds and promote golf through hosting and reviving the Geoff Collier Spring Scramble. We are proudly committed long term as the Title Sponsor of the “Play Golf Alberta – Royal Mayfair Junior Masters”, which not only gives young golfers a chance to show their skill but helps promote golf to younger populations.

Play Golf Alberta extends thanks to all of our valued customers, partnering courses, PGA of Alberta, and Golf Canada for all working together to grow the game of golf in Alberta!


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