Days in Advance Booking Privileges

Barrhead Golf Club – 5 days in advance

Cattail Crossing Golf & Winter Club – 5 days in advance

Cougar Creek Golf Resort – 14 days in advance

Goose Hummock Golf Resort – 10 days in advance

Jagare Ridge Golf Club – 7 days in advance

Leduc Golf Club – 7 days in advance

Northern Bear Golf Club – 10 days in advance

RedTail Golf Club – 7 days in advance

Stony Pain Golf Course – 7 days in advance

The Links – 7 days in advance

The Quarry – 21 days in advance

  • Reminder:  We are expecting that demand for tee times will continue to be at an all time high.  Golf courses will likely sell out early and consistently throughout the 2022 golf season.  So, to increase the likelihood of booking your preferred tee time at our discounted rates, we strongly suggest that you leverage our advanced booking benefit.  The earlier you book, the greater the likelihood that you will secure the tee time that you want at our lower rates.
  • Discounts will only appear when your booking within the Days in Advance Booking Privileges.
  • If a discount doesn’t appear and your booking within the days of advance privileges then our inventory is sold out for that particular course and day.  Select another course or day to find discounts.